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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.  (January 24, 2014) — Fender is proud to introduce an array of new accessories for 2014, including supercharged pickup sets, a passive volume pedal and a guitar care system. 


The Fender Custom Shop Blackguard Tele® pickups are made with flush-mounted alnico 5 magnets in the bridge and alnico 3 magnets in the neck using enamel-coated magnet wire, and are made to reproduce the pickup set that was introduced in the early ‘50s version of the Broadcaster. The Blackguard bridge pickup provides a hotter output and more mid-range growl than other vintage-style Fender pickups, and has a copper-plated base plate for vintage accuracy.

The Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickups deliver hot high-output Telecaster® tone with a dash of sparkling Stratocaster® character. Made with alnico 5 magnets, each pickup is tailored to its position (neck and bridge) to achieve its individual sonic character. The neck pickup has a nickel/silver cover for especially clear Telecaster tone, with Formvar magnet wire and a taller bobbin to accommodate more windings. The bridge pickup has enamel-coated magnet wire and a slightly shorter bobbin with a higher number of windings to create darker, more full-bodied midrange.

Fender’s Twin-Head Vintage Humbucking Neck and Bridge pickups deliver moderate output and warm tone with greater headroom and harmonics. The neck pickup is made with alnico 2 magnets for sweetly musical tone, while the bridge pickup is made with alnico 5 magnets perfect for an aggressive HSS Stratocaster. They are both wound with specially coated Formvar wire, and feature a thick aluminum base plate for decreased magnetic-field interference. Their all-new three-pin solderless connections make for remarkably easy pickup replacement.

The Fender Deluxe Drive Stratocaster® and Telecaster® pickups are supercharged with the highest output of all of Fender’s single-coil pickups, with over-wound design and alnico 3 magnets that make them ideal for high-gain amp settings. When used with clean settings, the Deluxe Drive Telecaster pickups still deliver classic Telecaster snap, and the Stratocaster pickups sparkle brilliantly. In addition, the middle Stratocaster pickup is reverse-wound/reverse-polarity for hum canceling in positions two and four.

Fender’s Twin-Head Modern Humbucking Neck and Bridge pickups deliver high output and warm tone with greater headroom and harmonics. The neck pickup is made with ceramic magnets and is wound with specially coated Formvar wire. The bridge pickup is made with alnico 5 magnets, is perfect for an aggressive sound, and is wound with special enamel-coated wire. Both pickups feature a thick aluminum base plate for decreased magnetic-field interference and all-new three-pin solderless connections make for remarkably easy pickup replacement. Mounting hardware is included with all pickup sets.


The Fender FVP-1 pedal is a passive volume foot pedal designed for guitar and bass. The rocker-style pedal controls volume using a passive 250k potentiometer with a high-life cycle for reliable, quiet operation. Tone is maintained at any volume, and the special tone circuit retains high-end clarity as volume is reduced without becoming dark or muddy.

The input, output and tuner jacks are located on the front panel for easy access, and the tuner jack allows silent tuning during live performances. The pedal motion is smooth and predictable with user-adjustable resistance. With valuable space at a premium on most pedal boards, the FVP-1 is compact enough to make an efficient and conveniently sized addition. Its base and pedal are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum with a durable hammertone powder-coat finish on the base. No batteries or other power sources are required. 


The Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Guitar Care System is a convenient package that contains one bottle of each Fender Custom Shop Guitar Care product: cleaner, polish, quick clean and fingerboard remedy.

Fender Custom Shop polishes and waxes are high-grade carnauba formulations containing no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol. The polishes are compatible with all finishes, including nitrocellulose. Fingerprinting and streaking on black finishes is greatly reduced, with no cloudy build-up. 

Fender Fingerboard Remedy is a special citrus/beeswax formulation designed to lift dirt and grease from fingerboards, leaving a protective sheen that brings out a deep, rich grain.

Fender Guitar Quick Clean is a positively charged anti-static formula that resists dust, sweat, grime and fingerprints. Ultraviolet protective coating increases the gloss and depth of guitar finishes. It is safe to use on all finishes, including nitrocellulose. Also works well on chrome and plastic.

Fender Guitar Polish is a non-abrasive carnauba formula with ultraviolet filtering agents that extend the life of instrument finishes. It contains no abrasives, additives or sealants and is safe to use on all finishes, including nitrocellulose. Also works well on chrome and plastic. 

Fender Guitar Cleaner is an easy-to-use formula with a special blend of ultra-fine polishing agents that restore instruments to their original luster. It safely removes haze, oxidation, wax, fingerprints, smudges and grime.

For more information, go to www.fender.com

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